1. Hi there
    I was trying to link my product to your list and I stuffed it up...I don't know why it won't show the thumbnail and now I don't know how to edit it!!! I am very new to this and this was my very first go :( Are you able to help me to fix it or tell me how? This is the product I was trying to link up

    Many thanks Kylie

  2. Hi I need help downloading the free minion editable name gags. I tried to download and It says you already got it but I did not please help me get the name tags for my 4 year old kids.

  3. Hi, I love your minion stuff....I have decided to make this a theme in my room for this year. I have a schedule that I put on a board in the front. Could you make some minion subject cards. They need to be at least 6 inches wide. Included could also be 'center' labels. I teach 4th grade so some of the other stuff does not work for me.